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Our Work in Israel

Working with a range of significant partners, The Gerald and Gail Ronson Family Foundation focusses on supporting transformational projects and programmes in the fields of education, arts and culture, welfare and community security.

Natie Shevel - Chief Executive Israel

The growing portfolio of charitable projects in Israel – spanning four impactful decades – proudly reflects the Family Foundation’s values and its profound commitment to enable and empower people from all sectors of Israeli society to realise their potential.

From promoting the transformation of youth villages into hubs of excellence and opportunity, to developing and upgrading schools in Israel’s social and geographic periphery, and empowering students who would otherwise not have the access nor the opportunity of a higher quality education.

We nurture the most vulnerable – from the elderly in sheltered housing, to the cognitively impaired, to those suffering the constant trauma of life in unrelenting conflict areas, and the young immigrant Israelis starting out without the close support of their families.

And we support the provision of world-class services in secure healthcare facilities benefitting Israelis across the country.