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Israel Sports Centre for the Disabled

The Ronson Family is a regular donor to the ISCD. The ISCD was established in 1960 in Ramat Gan. It was first of its kind in Israel and one of the few operating at the time worldwide. In its early years, the center was mostly used by Polio virus victims. In later years it was adjusted to serve those suffering from Cerebral palsy, Israeli citizens injured during their military service with the IDF, victims of car accidents and terrorist attacks and others suffering from disabilities.

Members of the ISCD take part, since its establishment, in the Paralympic Games. Their achievements gained Israel a reputation in the field of rehabilitation. The wheelchair basketball team of the center had so far won two paralympic gold medals, two world championships and three European championships.

The center was used for hosting the 1968 Summer Paralympics. On its premises is also a kindergarten for disabled children of 3 – 7.