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Areas of Giving

The Foundation’s areas of giving profoundly reflects our family’s values and our commitment to working with impactful charities to support projects that empower and provide opportunities by strengthening the essential pillars of life - education, community, welfare, health, security and the arts.

Nicole Ronson Allalouf

From enabling youth and young adults in socially disadvantaged areas to creating access and opportunity for the mentally and physically impaired… we are committed to supporting the development of forward-thinking educational facilities and programmes across the entire educational spectrum in the UK.

We support leading initiatives and programmes in the medical field for the benefit and welfare of our communities – from cutting edge research, to patient care and treatment for critically ill and end of life patients.

We proudly support arts and culture programmes and charities that provide access to our rich cultural heritage, and leading charities that nurture and support our communities’ wellbeing, welfare and security.

Our involvement with many of the charities that we fund is deeply personal, supporting the development of programmes and initiatives that nurture those most vulnerable or at risk.