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About Us

I was raised to believe that if you have money, you give it to help others. If you don’t, you give your time. I’ve always preferred to give both.

Gerald M. Ronson CBE

The Ronson family is committed to making a demonstrable impact on people’s lives. The family supports a broad range of causes in particular those that reflect their focus on community, welfare, medical, security, the arts, Israel and education. 10,000 children a day in the UK and Israel access first class teaching in a Ronson supported school.

The Gerald and Gail Ronson Family Foundation exists to help socially disadvantaged people. It’s the result of a lifetime’s dedication to philanthropy from one of the UK’s foremost businessmen. Since the 1960s, Gerald M. Ronson CBE, together with his wife Dame Gail Ronson DBE and their daughters, have donated over £100 million to worthy causes, and raised £200 million more.